What is Physiotec


What is Physiotec?

Physiotec is a California based company founded in 1993 that specialises in developing intuitive home exercise programs. 

Physiotec offers a wide range of video and picture exercises across a range of devices such as tablets and smartphones. 

The Physiotec software also integrates with Clinic Management software such as TM2; increasing the benefits of the software for both Physical Therapists and Patients.

Benefits of Physiotec 

Physical Therapists

  • Patients Love it
  • Offers a wide range of videos & pictures exercises
  • Precise Searching
  • Well Organised exercises
  • Send programs by e-mail
  • Integrated with clinic's website
  • Integrated with EMR / Clinic Management Software


  • View Online videos of each exercise of their home exercise program
  • Get on board on the proposed treatment and see benefits
  • Access to their HEP on Smartphones, Tablets, and computers of all kinds
  • Better execute specific movements the first time by watching
  • More motivated and better compliance
  • Print lost programs themselves

TM2 are strategic partners of Physio First, allowing a whole host of new features and benefits to be unlocked through the combining software.