What is Healthcode?

Please Note: This article also relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

This guide will provide more information on the Healthcode service. Including what Healthcode is, what is Healthcode VEDA, and how they work with TM2

What is Healthcode

Healthcode allows you to send your private medical insurance bills electronically and process bills for virtually every medical insurer.  TM2 will allow you to submit bills to Healthcode's HC VEDA System, allowing electronic invoicing to the major UK insurers.

Healthcode Ltd. is the only provider of secure online billing to the UK's private health market.  Each year, Healthcode process bills to the value of £2.5 billion for virtually every private UK hospital and medical insurer.  For more information please visit; www.healthcode.co.uk

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What is HC VEDA

HC VEDA (Healthcode Virtual Electronic Data Application) is Healthcode's web application into which the claim file generated by TM2 is uploaded and bills contained in the file are corrected and forwarded to the insurers.

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How does Healthcode's HC VEDA system work with TM2

The Healthcode module for TM2 allows for the exporting of invoices to a format that can be processed by Healthcode's HC VEDA system and also allows for the remittances of processed invoices to be imported back into TM2.

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