Booking an Appointment

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

This article will show you how to book an appointment - step by step from within the Diary.

Your first step is to Click on Diary shown below

Once on the Diary screen, right-click on the slot that you wish to book the appointment into and choose the New Appointment option.

The Diary Event window will open. 

Click on the Select Patient button and choose a patient.

Once a patient has been selected, a consultancy will be automatically chosen based on the charges that the default practitioner of the patient has chosen.

You can also change the consultancy by clicking on the drop-down menu and choosing a new stock item. 

Case Details

You can either choose 'This is the first appointment of a new case' which will allow you to create a new case for the patient or choose the 'This appointment belongs to an existing case' which will allow you to link the appointment to an existing case. 

Authorisation Details

You are able to choose an Authorisation for the patient by clicking on the drop-down menu.  If the patient doesn't have an authorisation already and you wish to create one, click on the  Add Authorisation button. 

Appointment Summary

Within the Appointment Summary screen, you can click Edit and choose additional details for the appointment such as the Room the appointment will take place in and allow the addition of additional notes pertaining to the appointment. 

You are also able to set recurrence options for the appointment to have the appointment automatically book into the diary on a daily, weekly, monthly etc. basis.

Once you are happy with the information, click on Create and the appointment will be booked into the diary.