TM2 2012.10.101.12 - Physio Tec Integration

Release notes for 2012.10.101.12 - Physio Tec Intergration

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A new feature in TM2 has been added allowing you to link in to a Multi Location version of your Physio Tec system. This will give each location within TM2 a unique Administrator code keeping each location separate from each other.

Users can activate this by selecting the option for ‘Append Location ID to code’

PhysioTec will inform you if your PhysioTec account is set up to work with this option.

** Please note that when setting up this option you will need to activate the individual practitioner per location. For example if a practitioner works at 2 locations and you wish for them to access PhysioTec from each of these locations you will need to activate the practitioner for location A and then activate them for Location B **