TM Desktop 2017.02

At Blue Zinc we have been working hard to ensure that TM2/3 remains the leading practice management system, helping you to run your clinic more efficiently than ever.

This document details all known features and issues fixed in the June 2017 update.  

If you have any problems, remember our support team are on hand to answer your queries. 

You can call our support team on 033 33 44 2800 or email us 

Update Patient Record - Classes Tab

We have separated out a clients appointments from the Classes that they attend. Classes will now appear in their own separate Tab within the Patient record

Warning for treatments booked at the same time

If you are booking an appointment and the patient already has an appointment at this time for a different practitioner at the same location the system will now alert you to this fact before booking the appointment.

Updated Terms & Conditions

Upon logging into the TM Desktop, users will be met with the updated terms and conditions. Users will need to agree to the new terms and conditions in order to continue using TM Desktop. If they choose not to agree, the only option available to them is to logout of the system.



Notifications have been added to TM Desktop which will appear on login for each user. This will allow us to better communicate with you regarding our latest features and updates. Once the notification is dismissed they will not appear again for the user

The Following issues have now been resolved:




When adding a patient as a one off attendance for a class they correctly only appear in that class under Class Manager however on the patients appointment tab (patient record) they show for all sessions in that class


Users with long Username being automatically logged out after 10 minutes of use

Multi stock

Updating the quality of a Multi stock item in the invoice correctly updates the invoice amount but when purchased only pre-paid item for one Multi stock item is added to the Patient Record

Patient List

Emails sent from Patient list will always send using the Users email address as the 'From' address

Touch Notes

Date of Birth within 2 weeks of todays date rounds up the patients age within Touch Notes

File Area

Email receipt is not logging within Letters/Patient Log

Patient Search When a location is set as Read Only all the patients who are registered to that location disappear from the patient search.