The booking is incorrect (Prices, Duration)

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

It's possible that you may only notice that the settings for Pronto are incorrect after a booking has been placed.  There are a number of things that can go wrong however it's important to remember that referral sources can only book into what you make available. 

When Pronto is setup we (Pronto Team) take the prices as per the settings, however should this change, it's possible Pronto has not updated.  Unfortunately, at present, the charges in TM3 / TM2 are not directly linked to Pronto.

To check the current prices open the Pronto Settings area and select Services.

In this example, we will say the Initial Physiotherapy Assessment is incorrect.

To adjust or check, select the Change option on the right.

In the image below. It seems the charge is linked to one described as Physio First - Initial Appointment.  It is still worth checking the Advanced tab however as there could be some further settings.

Its possible to override the charges for different companies, its very likely you have different rates and durations for each.  In this email, you can see there is no override charge so the previously found description is what we need to change / check.

Within TM3 / TM3 desktop under the Practice tab, you will have a Stock option.  Within Stock, you will see an Online Charges tab, select this and perform a blank search to find all items.  You need to find the item in this list that matches the description of the item previously, in this case, Physio First - Initial Appointment.

Once you have found the item, double-click to open its details; 

From here you are able to make the changes as needed.

Click 'Update' when you have finished with your changes.