Sign-up and Setup

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.


Pronto Portal is a method by which clinics can get bookings without being on one of the currently support Practice Management Systems that Pronto integrates with. At present this would be anyone not using TM2, TM3, Click or PPS.

You can signup via the Pronto Network website at


Once you have created an email address and password you will see the screen below;

Fig1  - Sign up form.

The fields with the amber background are mandatory however it is recommended to complete ALL fields as this will help with any identification processes we need to apply.

Network Selection

The next screen will ask which Network you wish to join.  If you need to join more than one Network select one for now and Contact Us to get added to the other(s). Once selected press Next

Fig 2 - Network Selection

Discipline and Service Selection

The next stage is to select the Discipline(s) and corresponding Service(s) (Treatments) you wish to offer on the Pronto Network.This list is designed to standardise treatments and thus cannot be altered. The list may grow as more services are needed.  Not all referrers use all the treatment options however it is worth completing everything you offer so that when a booking is requested you are already offering it.

Fig 3 - Discipline and Service Selection

Move the sliders to see the available treatments you offer.  There will be an option to set the Description, Cost, and Duration.  The Description you set will only be for your own referencing.

Fig 4 - Description, Cost, and Duration.

Who you work with

The next option will be to select the different Referral companies you work with.  This list is always growing so be sure to check back often.  Tick all the options that apply.  You can set specific pricing for the different companies later.

Fig 5 - Referrers


You will next need to confirm your payment details.  There is a £5 registration charge and £1.80 per booking.

Fig 6 - Payment.

Confirm Details

The final screen is simply a summary and confirmation.  Clicking Apply now will complete the initial setup.

Fig 7 - Confirm.


At this stage, the Pronto Team will ensure the settings are correct and that you work with the relevant party.  If any further information is needed we will contact you.

Fig 8 - Complete