Setting up Diagnosis Codes for Healthcode

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

If you use TM2 Touch & Standard ICD9 codes, you will need to map the ICD9 codes to your current diagnosis codes.  Please follow the steps below to do this.

Tools > TM2 Options > Advanced Settings > Under TM2 Touch, ensure that Body Site Specific Diagnosis Codes is set to True.

Go to Tools > TM2 Touch Admin > Select the Diagnosis Codes tab at the bottom of the screen

Choose the Body Site that you wish to add diagnosis codes for from the drop-down menu in the top left of the TM2 Touch Admin Screen

Add a Diagnosis Code by filling in the details in the Enter New Diagnosis Code field at the bottom of the screen and clicking the Add Diagnosis Code button.  You can freehand type these values in or choose from the drop-down box.

Once the code has been added you can then select the appropriate code for the Description added by clicking on the drop-down menu under the Code field

Repeat this process above to map the correct ICD9 Code to the appropriate Diagnosis Code.

Please see this article for Common ICD9 Charge Codes.

Please note if you are using OSICS-10 codes, you will have to activate these in the advanced configuration setting of TM2 Touch. 

Mapping ICD9 Codes to your Diagnosis Codes if you do not use TM2 Touch

Please ignore this section if you use TM2 Touch.  This section applies to those users that do not have the TM2 Touch Module and need to configure Diagnosis Codes for electronic billing. 

You will need to update your Healthcode settings to work without TM2 Touch go to Tools > TM2 Options > Lookups & Labels > Healthcode Tab

Ensure the Include full diagnosis codes text in export to Healthcode checkbox is activated. 

When this has been activated in Healthcodes HC VEDA system, the next step is to update your Diagnosis Codes in TM2.  You can set the diagnosis codes up to work with Healthcode using two different options.  You can choose to configure either one of these. 

Standard ICD9 Codes

Go to Tools > TM2 Options > Lookups & Labels > Lookups Tab.

Select Diagnosis Codes from the drop-down menu,  Add the appropriate ICD9 codes to the Diagnosis Codes lookup for use with Healthcode yourself.  You can add ICD9 codes to the menu using the Add New Lookup button. The file you export from TM2 will contain these details automatically. 

Customer Codes

Go to Tools > TM2 Options > Lookups & Labels > Lookup Tabs.

Select Diagnosis Codes from the drop-down menu.  You can add Custom Codes to the menu using the Add New Lookup button.  If you use Custom Diagnosis Codes you can provide a list of these to Healthcode and let them match the details provided with a correct ICD9 code.  Please contact Healthcode to do this.