Role Manager - Main Screen

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

When you open Role Manager, you will be presented with the Main screen of the Role Manager interface.  This will display the roles currently defined in the system.  This Main Screen contains a number of buttons and features. 

Admin Only

Roles that have this tick box checked will be hidden with a non-admin creates a new user. 


This allows you to access the Role Editor, where you can select the specific settings for the role you have chosen to edit. 

You can edit the name assigned to each role by clicking on the existing name.

Toggle Non-Admin Roles

Clicking this button will hide any roles that have the Admin Only tick box checked. 


This is used for creating a clone of an existing role and is used for adding a new role.  Highlight the existing role you wish to copy then press Clone.  You can then edit the cloned role. 


This button removes the role currently highlighted. 


Use this to exit Role Manager.