Role Editor - Permissions Tab

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

When you select a role on the Main screen and choose Edit you will be presented with the Role Editor Screen.   This is where you select the permissions that are going to be granted to the user. 

There are 4 configurable areas within the Permissions tab of Role Editor


This section is used to define the level of access to the menus of TM2.  This includes most of the sections on the toolbar on the left of the screen as well as access to the features in the top menu bar (Stock, Export Data, TM2 Options etc.)


This section deals with how the user can interact with the billing, invoicing, payments, pre-paid items and expenditure elements of the system.


This section relates to patients cases and clinical notes and will define what access the user has within these areas. 

Online Admin

This section is used for the areas of TM2 that are linked with TM2 Online.  You can set the access to online users, provisional patients, and the configuration page. 

You can expand each area to edit the sections within it by clicking the small icon to the left of the description. You can minimise this again by doing the same. 

To grant permission to a section or individual area, add a tick to the box by clicking on the suitable permissions box. 

Most sections have the ability to edit the following permissions. 


Determines if the user can view records of the type selected. 


Determines if the user can edit the record of the type selected. 


Determines if the user can delete records of the type selected. 


Determines if the user can create records of the type selected. 


Determines if the user can search for records of the type selected

Some sections have additional options that vary to the above.  For more detail on what they perform, you can highlight the line and check the information described at the bottom of Role Editor.