Role Editor - Additional Options Tab

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

The second tab in the Role Editor is the Additional Options Tab.  You can configure Automatic log out setting for users within this. 

There are two settings you can select for the role in terms of the Automatic log out

'User will not get logged out automatically when idle'

This setting will leave the user logged into the system regardless of how long TM2 is idle.

'User will get logged out after TM2 has been idle for (...) minutes'

This setting will log out the user after TM2 has been idle for the assigned number of minutes.  You can either input the number of minutes or use the arrows to increase or decrease the value. 

Completing the Role Editor configuration

When you are happy you have configured the suitable Permissions and Additional Options for the role you are creating, click the Update button to save the changes to the role. 

You can exit from the Role Editor by clicking on the Close button.