Rejected Referrals and Reports

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

There may be situations that develop for various reasons that will mark a Referral or a Report as "Rejected".

For example, you (the clinic) may reject a Referral from a company due to time constraints.  Equally, the referral company may reject one of your clinical report submissions due to a missing question.  What to do in both situations are detailed below.

Rejected Referral

This functionality is coming soon.

Rejected Invoice/Clinical Report

The referral company may reject one of your submitted reports for various reasons such as a missing section on a submission.  These rejections require your attention to resolve.  They will appear in the Referral list as shown below;

Fig 1 - "Needs Action" Referral. 

This is currently the only means these rejections will be identified so it's important to check on these as often as you can.  There will be more alert options in future releases.

Clicking on the View option will allow you to see what needs attention.

Fig 2 - Initial Report Queried

In this example, it is the Initial Report that has been Queried.  Clicking the View button will allow you to see exactly what has been queried.

Fig 3  - Rejected comments

The comment(s) from the referrer will be shown in orange at the top of the report.

Adjust the report as needed and press the Submit button at the bottom to confirm the changes.  The referrer will then evaluate your adjustments and approve/rejected as appropriate.