Practitioner Sessions

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

Within this guide, it will show you how to set sessions for a practitioner within TM2 including the following;

  • Normal Sessions
  • Special Sessions
  • Deleting Sessions
Normal Sessions

Normal Sessions are standard sessions within TM2 that will recur on a weekly basis at the time which the user sets.

To set a Normal Session

  1. Go to the Practitioner Record - Click on Sessions at the bottom of the record
  2. Right-click on the Session screen - Add

This will open the Add Session screen.

  1. Enter the Day you want the session to recur on
  2. Enter the Time you want the session to recur on
  3. Set what the session is used for and the room it takes place in (optional)
  4. Set a colour for the session to appear as in the diary (optional)
  5. If you would like the session to appear within Online Bookings, tick the Session Available Online option
  6. Press Add

You can then repeat this for your other sessions.

Special Sessions

Special Sessions are sessions within TM2 that allow you to set recurrence patterns for sessions that don't follow a set time.

To set a Special Session to follow the steps above in making a normal session.

When this is complete at the bottom of the Add Session screen you will see a checkbox named 'Make Special Session'  

You will have additional recurrence options at the bottom of the Add Session Window

  1. Choose whether the session is a one-off/weekly/monthly recurrence
    • If weekly, choose how many weeks the session will recur for as well as what days it will recur on
    • If monthly, choose which month the session will recur on as well as what days of the month it will recur
  2. Set the Recurrence Span of the session, stating what date the session will start on and how long it will run for
  3. Press Add

Deleting Sessions

You are able to delete sessions from a practitioners record.

To delete a session

  1. Right-Click on the session - Delete

If you would like to delete all normal/normal + special sessions

  1. Right-Click on a session - Delete All - Normal Sessions
  2. Right-Click on a session - Delete All - Normal and Special Sessions