Where is my Calendar?

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

If you have misplaced the Diary Calendar you can easily return it by following the two procedures below.

TM2/TM3 Options

To reset the calendar to its original layout follow these steps;

                 1. Go to Tools (located at the top left-hand side of TM2 or TM3)

                 2. Select 'TM2 Options' (TM3 Options)

                 3. Select 'reset all toolbars' option on the right-hand side of this window.

                 4. Restart TM2/TM3

From the Diary

If your user role prevents you from having access to TM2/TM3 Options you can action this through the Diary Options and by selecting 'Reset My TM2/TM3'

Please Note;

  • This only resets the diary layout for the user logged in.
  • All customization options will be reset. e.g 'session colours and show weekends'. You will need to enable these options.