Installing Custom Invoices – Local

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM 3 versions of the desktop software.


Once the changes have been made to your invoices, a member of the support team will send you an email with your new templates attached.

They need to be installed onto your server PC into the Main template folder in your TM2 Shared folder, typically located at

C:\Program Files\BlueZinc\TM2\Shared\Reports\Main
C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueZinc\TM2\Shared\Reports\Main.

If you are reading this email on any other computer in the practice you can find the correct folder by taking the following steps:
(If you cannot access this folder please contact a TM2 System Admin)

Tools – TM2 Options – Folders – Templates Folder:

An Example would be:


In this instance you would need to go to the following folder:


TM2 Setup

 To access these new templates you will need to make some small changes to TM2 Options (Tools > TM2 Options).  If you cannot access TM2 options you will need to contact your admin user.

 From TM2 Options, select Reports (down the left) and find the following:

 ·         Payment Receipt – Enter the corresponding file name found on email (example: paymentReceiptBZ.mrt)
·         Invoice to Group - Enter the corresponding file name found on email (example: BZInvoiceGroup.mrt.mrt)
·         Invoice to Patient  - Enter the corresponding file name found on email (example: BZinvoicePatient.mrt)


Note this only needs to be done on one PC as the others will be automatically updated.

Click the Save button to complete. 

You should now test these new templates by looking at a print preview for the different invoices (private, group and receipts).

Please confirm with our Support Team that these report alterations are satisfactory or if any further alterations are required. You can confirm by replying to this email.  Note that you are entitled one modification to the template with subsequent changes being chargeable depending on the time required.