IMPORTANT - Matching Names

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

To ensure that only Physio First members are available to book into they perform a "name match" based on the information they hold and compare that which comes back via Pronto.

For example, if they have a member named "Joe Bloggs" and you have a practitioner called "Joe Bloggs" the names will match.  However, if you have the name set as "Joseph Bloggs", the match will fail and no appointments will return.

The same will also apply should you have anything appended to the surname such as qualifications.  For example, "Joe Bloggs MCSP" would also cause the match to fail.  

Physio First Name Pronto Name Match?
Joe Bloggs Joe Bloggs Yes
Joe Bloggs Joesph Bloggs No
Joe Bloggs Joe Bloogs MSCP No

If you are unsure as to what information is held in Physio First you can login to your profile and check this.  It does not matter which one you change, Physio First or TM2 / TM3 provided they both match.