IMPORTANT - Ensuring Avilability

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

The most important aspect of increasing your chance of a booking is making sure there is availability in the diary.  That is when a source (referrer or patient) looks at your clinic for an appointment that you have an updated and accurate diary returning.

Depending on how you use Pronto the method to ensure that your settings are accurate will vary.

TM2 / TM3 Desktop

Normal use of the TM2 / TM3 desktop software will ensure your Pronto availability is updated and accurate.  As there is direct integration, what you change in TM2 / TM3 will automatically update.  You need only ensure that your Practitioners and Sessions are marked as Online.

TM2 / TM3 Practitioner & Sessions "Online"

TM3 Web

As above, normal use of TM3 (web) will result in Pronto being accurate.  The same settings apply however they are accessed in a different manner.

TM3 Web Practitioner & Sessions "Online"


Just as TM3 and TM3 do, PPS with its direct integration allows for normal use of the diary to automatically update pronto.  See the key settings for PPS below to ensure accuracy.

Setting Up PPS for Pronto Referral

Pronto Portal

As Pronto Portal is a standalone application it will likely need to be updated manually to match your other diary, be this another system or a paper-based solution.  It is more important that attention is paid here as an incorrect time could lead to a duplicate booking.

Pronto Portal - Ensuring Availability