How to disable TM2/TM3 Users

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

From time to time you may have staffing changes at your practice. This article explains the rules and procedures that needs to be undertaken when new staff start and when TM2/TM3 Users leave your practice.

For Hosted Clients it is imperative to set users who no longer work at the practice as 'NON-CURRENT'.

Do not give old TM2/TM3 User accounts to new Users. Always deactivate an old user, and create a new one.

Disabling User Access

e.g scenario:

Say for instance you gave permission to a staff member to install TM2/TM3 on their personal computer, even though the user no longer works at the practice they would still be able to login and access you TM2/TM3 Database.

The only way of you preventing access is to disable the 'User' within TM2/TM3 or uninstall of TM2/TM3 from their computer.

TM2/TM3 does not allow you to delete Users. You can however set users to non-current. 

Please follow the steps below:

The System User will have the ability to access and view all other users setup in TM2/TM3 through the following method's.

  • Navigate to the "Admin" tab on the left hand side selection within TM2/TM3.
  • Select the first sub header option "Users".
  • You can search for a specific user by selecting (Location, Type or by typing their name into the search field) or leave the fields blank to pull through all users and click [SEARCH]

  • Open a users profile by double clicking or Right-Clicking and choosing edit
  • Ensure that the checkbox [ ] Current has been unselected
  • If the user has been 'Enables For Online' please uncheck this also

  •   Click the [Update].
Setting Up New Staff

Like I explained above: Do not give old TM2/TM3 User accounts to new Users. Always deactivate an old user, and create a new one.

The reason for this is there is an audit trail within TM2/TM3 that captures User interactions such as creates, updates and deletes. As you can imagine If you have a user account shared by multiple users in TM2/TM3 it would make it very difficult to isolate who did what.

Please follow the 'Creating a New User' guide when creating new Users in TM2/TM3.