Hosted and local definitions of service

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

Understanding Hosted

TM2/TM3 Hosted is a service that we provide for the remote storage of client data.

By storing your clinical data with us, you can access your data from any location you have our TM2/TM3 application installed.
Perfect for multi-location clinics or practitioners always on the move.

How TM2/TM3 Hosted Works

With TM2/TM3 Hosted, your practice database is stored securely and backed up daily in a dedicated server.
Giving you a safe and efficient business, whilst ensuring patient confidentiality. 
This means you can work anywhere with a broadband connection, while your patient and practitioner data remains safe and secure.

TM2/TM3 Hosted is different to cloud services, as it uses our own dedicated servers, right here in the UK
Which means we are always on hand to help you keep your clinic secure. 

In addition, we set up and administer our servers with our team of highly skilled technical staff to give a cost-effective option for those who want a stress free approach to their clinic information and patient records.

With as little as a laptop and internet access, you can work in a new clinic and at the same time connect to your other clinics and securely access patient data and records. 

If you wish to centralise bookings, admin or finance, TM2/TM3 Hosted lets you be as efficient as possible, with live and direct access to your other locations, keeping administrative overhead to a minimum.

What Does Being Local Mean? - TM2 ONLY

When dealing with the support team, you may hear us mention that you have a Local TM2 setup.

This means that all TM2 files and data are stored on one of the computers in your practice, known as the server.
Therefore TM2 can only be accessed by computers in the same building.
You are also responsible for taking regular backups, otherwise, all data would be lost if something were to happen to your server PC.

Local Limitations

Aside from having no remote access and being responsible for your own backups, TM2 Local can also limit what additional TM2/TM3 services you can take advantage of, such as Online Bookings or our new Pronto Network.

(The Pronto Network allows referrers that you work with (and many others) to book directly into your diary!)

This option is available for hosted users because their database is accessible via a secure remote connection. 
Through this, our networked referrers can book appointments directly into your diary, making sure to maximize your diary's potential through available appointment slots.
At the same time, this service cannot read any other data in your diary or database, keeping security top priority.

Local clients cannot avail of this due to the data being privately stored on one of your computers.

Whilst this is but one example of how the two systems differ, you can speak with your account manager to get more of an insight and see what would be best for your practice.