Creating / Linking the PhysioMed Group

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

In order to relate the bookings made from Physio Med to your TM3/TM2 Diary, they need to be associated with a Group.  You will likely already have a record created however should you need to create a new group the details are below.  If you already have a Physio Med group you can skip this step.

To create a new group follow the steps below;

You will need to create a new group and add some mandatory details before proceeding.  To do this;

  1. Click on Main – Groups (Or Businesses)

  2. Right-Click on the group screen - Create New Group (Or Businesses)‚Äč

  3. Enter a Group Name

  4. You may also enter additional details such as the main contact, address and contact details (You may complete as much (or as little) of the contact information as you wish.  It will not have any impact on the booking, however, having the information here may be useful at a later stage)

The next stage is to set the appropriate changes for each location.  You may add additional locations on the left via the Add Location button.

Repeat this for each location you would like bookings to be received into.

You then need to select the appropriate changes for these appointments.  As these are self-funding appointments it's very likely they already exist in the database, it should just be a matter of selecting the correct item(s).

Use the Add Charge(s) button and select the desired Initial appointment, repeat this and select the follow-up.  You will need to then adjust the First and Follow Up radio buttons to indicate the appointment classification.  See below for an example;

This needs to be repeated for EACH location you had previously marked for bookings.  Move between each location by clicking its name on the left side of the form.

The final changes need to be applied to the Settings tab found along the bottom of this form.  Your settings should match the image below;

  • Bill To – Group / Business, as you will invoice Physio Med for these treatments.

  • Invoice Group – Personal preference, we recommend one invoice for each client/patient

  • Business Reference – This will not be needed so making it mandatory is unnecessary.

  • Policy Code - This will not be needed so making it mandatory is unnecessary.

*Remember to press Update / Create (top right) to save the changes*