Broadband and Network Information

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

TM2/TM3 Hosted requires us to host your Database on our Server at our secure Data Centre. From TM2/TM3 installed on your PC(s) you request data via a secure VPN link and it is displayed on your desktop TM2/TM3. 

For this to happen you need to have a Broadband connection. There are various points to consider with a Broadband connection that will affect your TM2/TM3 Hosted experience.

Download Speeds

When you do anything on your TM2/TM3 Desktop Client software it connects to our Hosted Server via your Broadband connection. Queries are executed and results are returned to your TM2/TM3 and displayed on your screen. The faster your Broadband connection, the faster the data is returned (depending on your hardware speeds). Whatever your Internet Service Provider (ISP) states for Broadband speed doesn’t necessarily mean that you will receive that speed. i.e.

If you have purchased up to 8Mbps Broadband you will most likely only ever receive in and around 3-5Mbps. The same goes for a 2Mbps Broadband. It may only be around 1Mbps. With this in mind, we recommend that you have at least a 7Mbps consistent download speed to use TM2/TM3 Hosted. UK Average Broadband Speed is 14.7Mbps.

Upload Speeds

If you are working on a letter template within your TM2/TM3 and save it, this is then uploaded to our Hosted Server via your Broadband connection. The faster your Upload Speed the less time it takes to save it. Similar to Download Speeds stated above your Broadband will have an Upload Speed. We recommend that you have at least a 0.5Mbps (512Kbps) consistent upload speed to use TM2/TM3 Hosted.

Reliable Connections

The greater the speed of your Broadband doesn’t mean that it’s more reliable. Data is sent in packets and poor unreliable Internet connection drop packets. Whenever response time is critical over the Internet, e.g. for real-time applications such as TM2/TM3 Hosted, data has to reach the target server without time delay. The time required for data transmission is called latency time. The time it takes for a data packet to travel from a computer, and back is called the Round Trip Time. This time is important because it is the time your communication takes. Only a short response time, i.e. a fast ping, allows for communication in real time. A long response time can make your connection run slowly or disconnect.

It is possible for a slower Broadband connection (2Mbps) to be more reliable than an 8Mbps connection purely due to the quality of the response times. We’ve always stated to our Clients that a 1% packet loss in a ping test of 1000 pings is an acceptable loss over an Internet connection. Any more than 1% can then be frustrating. Our ideal response time around 30-50ms. Once you start getting around 60-70ms everything’s going to take twice as long to do. That may only mean a second or 2 per action. This will have a bigger effect on those requests that require more processing (i.e. running reports, searching for data).

USB Dongle Internet (3G/4G)(Not Recommended)

This service is a slower version of Broadband over a mobile signal. TM2/TM3 Hosted can use this connection but you will have connection issues. As with any mobile phone, your signal will come and go, even if stationary. It’s also affected by walls, floors, and weather.

NHS Clinics and Strict Business firewalls

On some occasions, your local Firewall needs to have some rules adjusted/added so that TM2/TM3 can communicate through it. However, if you are based in an NHS clinic or within a business network and use their Internet connection you will need to get the clinics NHS/Business IT staff to open a port number and add an IP address on their router so that you can connect to our Hosted Server. We do not have the authorization to do this due to NHS/Business data security rules.

Windows User Account Profile

Any Windows User Account that is required to access TM2/TM3 Hosted must be an Admin account. This will allow the User to connect the VPN connection. Restricted accounts do not have the ability to run this VPN. It is the responsibility of your IT team to adjust these accounts.

For more assistance or to log a question with us, please contact BlueZinc Technical Support by clicking here.