How to allow users to select location at login

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.

If your Practice has Multiple Locations, you may find it useful to allow all Users to set their location on the login screen.

This function allows System Administrators to restrict Practitioners access to locations, as they will only have access to Locations that they are currently working at.

This is also very helpful if Practitioners are at different locations throughout the working week. As when you login in at a certain location TM2's settings ie stock items and reports and diaries all default to that location set up.

In Tools > TM2 Options, click on the Advanced Setting sections and scroll down to the 'TM2 Options' heading. Here you will find 'Allow Users to Select Location at Login', set this to true.

Now when users log in to TM2 after the input their username and Password, they will have a drop down box to select the location they are working at.