Adding a stock item

Please Note: This article relates to both the TM2 and TM3 versions of the desktop software.


Setting up a stock item is done when creating a new Practitioner so that they have their charges added to the record or for adding items that can be purchased directly from the clinic. Also, you can set up a stock item for each specific 


Open the Practitioner record you wish to add the billing/stock item to, you will see to the bottom right that it says 'new stock item' click on this.

From here you will be directed to the setup for the item. Now at this point it is good to know that there are 3 types of stock item. 

All are considered a billing item, however relate to different items. An actual time slot with a Practitioner, would be a 'consultancy' ie. an initial assessment. A physical item ie, Knee Support brace would be saved as a 'stock' as these can be sold over the counter. Lastly 'cancel/DNA' items, these are set up for cancellations and patients who do not attend there appointment so again would not need a time slot. These types of stock item can be found and altered under the category which has been highlighted below. If you are setting up a consultancy stock item you can also edit the length of time for appointment. Please fill out all the details and then click the create button.